31 Days

31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling

Last October I had a great time participating in the Write 31 Days challenge, where bloggers were encouraged to write about any topic, every day of October. Last year I did 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore and not only did it push me further creatively and expanded my blogging knowledge, but the outside exploration was great for the family and it showed me how important is is to get outside in the sunshine and reconnect with nature! 

This year I have chosen a new topic, 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling. I am entering my third year of homeschooling, and even though I started out with the intentions of doing more book work and structured learning, our learning style has relaxed over the years. I now see how naturally curious my children are and the vast amounts of information that they take in on their own.  

Many families question the unschooling lifestyle before they start homeschooling- will my kids learn what they need to succeed in life?  Am I doing a disservice to my children if I don’t make homeschooling more structured?  Will they just spend all day watching tv, playing video games or using a tablet? It’s not an easy switch or one that happens overnight.  Most of us were brought up in the institution of school, with tight schedules, due dates, tests and exams.  It’s had to step away from all that and let the child choose what they learn about.  I still play a role in their learning at this young age – I register them in programs and classes they want to take, I take them to the library frequently, I provide easy access to reference books, Lego, playdough, craft supplies, and I try my best to answer their 500 questions everyday!  

So join me over the next month where I post glimpses into our unschooling lifestyle and showcase learning activities that my children initiate and enjoy! Bookmark this page and I’ll post a link to each day below. 

Day 1: Glitter Pumpkins and New Friends

Day 2: Art and Politics

Day 3: Princess Chores, Calendars and Fall Walks

Day 4: Crystals and Clay

Day 5: A Scavenger Hunt and Messy Play

Day 6: Meltdowns and Minecraft

Day 7: Road Trips and Cookies

Day 8: Reptiles and Relaxation

Day 9: Recovery and Reading

Day 10: Thanksgiving and Thrift Store Finds

Day 11: Here and There

Day 12: Science and Sunsets

Day 13: Crafting, Coloring and Phone Calls

Day 14: Snow and Science Experiments

Day 15: Full Moon Fever 

Day 16: Sunday Funday

Day 17: Library Lounging

 Day 18: Clay Completion and an Angry List

Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

Day 20: Gym Time and Home For a Rest

Day 21: Buying Local and Bowling

Day 22: Cleaning Up

Day 23: Hodgepodge

Day 24: Science and Sickness

Day 25: Mr. Bones Returns

Day 26: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Day 27: Prepping Pumpkins

Day 28: Getting Crafty

Day 29: From Muggle to Gryffindor

Day 30: Movies and More Minecraft

Day 31: Trick or Treat


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