Get Back To Nature

31 Days to Get Outside and Explore!

I am taking part in the 31 Days writing challenge where bloggers all over the world will write every day in October about topics that are close to their hearts! 

I love the outdoors!  Nature is amazing – we can learn so much from it and it helps us reconnect and feel good.  We are fairly relaxed homeschoolers and a lot of our learning occurs outside exploring the world around us.

So join me as I take part in 31 Days and learn, play and explore outside. I’ll include a link to each daily post below so you can check out our adventures all month long!

Day 1: Playing In Leaves

Day 2: Homeschool Meetup

Day 3: Campfire on a Chilly Day

Day 4:Visit to Our New Favorite Playground

Day 5: Play with the Dogs

Day 6: A Walk With a Friend

Day 7: Discovering a Tire Swing

Day 8: An Unexpected Path

Day 9: Sunrise and Sunset

Day 10: A Summer Day in October

Day 11: Some Time to Myself

Day 12: Taking Nature Indoors

Day 13: Playground at Night

Day 14: Feeding the Ducks

Day 15: A Quiet Ravine

Day 16: A Playground to Ourselves

Day 17: Scooping Up Some Leaves

Day 18: Adventures With Dad

Day 19: Election Day!

Day 20: A Visit to the Old Neighbourhood

Day 21: A Quick Stop on a Busy Day

Day 22: We’re Going to the Zoo!

Day 23: A Moment to Myself

Day 24: Adventures With Kaiana

Day 25: A Walk Around the Block

Day 26: A Walk in the Rain

Day 27: Climbing the Walls

Day 28: Return to the Ravine

Day 29: Last Ride of the Year

Day 30: Gathering Ingredients

Day 31: Trick or Treating

Day 32: Wrap Up

Be sure to visit some of the other blogs to get helpful information on a wide range of topics. 


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