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Day 1: Glitter Pumpkins and New Friends

Day 1 of Learning through Unschooling is on a weekend, but unschoolers know that learning doesn’t stop for weekends or holidays!

Glitter pumpkins have become our annual October table decor.  The girls spent last evening painting and decorating them and they were so proud to see them dried this morning and ready for display.  Although we have many different paint colors already accessible, they decided they needed a few more and enjoyed blending white with red, dark purple and dark blue for some lighter shades.

Day 1: Glitter Pumpkins and New Friends

We normally lay low on Saturday afternoons but this weekend was different. Chloe was invited over for a play date – homeschooling friends she has connected with frequently at playground meet ups this summer (and people think we don’t socialize enough, ha!). So with Chloe off to spend the afternoon engaged in fun, unstructured free play, Kai and I had rare alone time and visited the local recreation centre for swimming and the indoor playground. She introduced her self to several kids and had fun playing with them and exploring on her own. 

At their ages, 4 and 7, unstructured free play is undoubtedly the best way to learn. It encourages problem solving, sharing toys and ideas, plus they have fun and build confidence while doing it. There is a lot of free play in our house and a lot of creativity grows from it.

Follow along all October for 31 Days of Learning through Unschooling


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