31 Days

Day 10: A Summer Day in October

Day 10 was a beautiful day!  Sunny and 25°C, is was like summer. After lunch we headed across the road to run around in the field and walk to a local playground. The sun was so warm on our faces but I knew there wouldn’t be many days left like that this year.  

Once we reach the playground, they immediately started playing with two girls that were coming down the slide.  They made up a new game and were off running in no time.  They played together for about 20 minutes, till the other girl’s dad called them to bike home.

Day 10 - 1

My girls went on to play in the sand and was ready to go home when they had too much sand in their clothes. They sipped their water bottles on the way home and then we went out for a frozen lemonade to cool off.  It’s hard to believe it will probably be eight months before it will be that warm again!

Day 10 - 2

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