31 Days

Day 11: Here and There

Day 11 had a little bit of everything and had me travelling around the city for classes.  I left the flags of the world puzzle out and they would ask about random flags when they walked by and earlier today, Chloe pointed out to Kai all the flags that she can identify, close to ten of them!  I could also hear them playing with the globe again as they played together in the basement.  

Chloe had part two of three clay modelling classes this afternoon, so Kai and I went to visit the playground near by again.  Chloe wanted to check it out after her class since she heard how cool it was from Little Sis.  It has a really neat climbing structure and long covered slide that they though was so much fun.  

Day 11:  Here and There

After supper Chloe had her first swim lesson of the fall.  During the spring lessons, Kai and I would hang out at the playground outside the facility.  But with the colder weather and a late evening class, we just took some books and found a quiet spot to read till her class was over.   

Day 11:  Here and There

All month long I am taking part in the Write 31 Days challenge and writing about 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling. Be sure to come back and visit! 


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