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Day 13: Crafting, Coloring and Phone Calls

I was feeling pretty groggy and blah when I woke up today, and we didn’t have any activities planned, so I decided Day 13 would be a crafty day at home. We went out for a quick trip to the dollar store to get Halloween craft supplies and decorations and the girls picked out new coloring books. The girls worked throughout the afternoon coloring in their new books and adding spooky and funny faces to complete the Halloween decorations.   

Day 13: Crafting, Coloring and Phone Calls

There’s snow coming tomorrow and I have a feeling it’s going to last, so this afternoon was the last opportunity to clean up the garden and yard before the snow falls.  Kai wanted to play outside anyway so she helped me pull weeds and rake and then pretended she was planting a garden in her sandbox while I finished up the clean up.

Our time outside provided Chloe with the opportunity to make her first phone call to a friend! I discussed phone etiquette with her and set up the call before being shooed out the door going outside.  She talked for over 30 minutes with her friend about loose teeth and Tooth Fairy visits! There were smiles on her face whenever I checked in with her. A big socialization moment for any child! 

Join me all October long while I take part in the Write 31 Days Challenge and follow my 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling.  



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