31 Days

Day 14: Snow and Science Experiments

The snow started in the morning and came down until suppertime.  We’re saving the playing in the snow for tomorrow and today I just wanted to stay cozy at home.  

The girls are always asking and wanting to do science experiments and one popped up on my news feed today that would be perfect for a snow day.  This experiment from STEAM Powered Family called Melting Magic – Snow Ice Simple Science is super easy and great for younger kids.  They each filled a jar with snow and sat them on the counter beside the jars with water and ice cubes. The girls guessed the ones with snow would have the most water when melted and were surprised to see those jars have the least water at the end.  

Day 14: Snow and Science Experiments

After supper we did another quick and easy experiment with water and ice, Crush With Air from my DK 101 Great Science Experiments.  It demonstrated how hot and cold affect air pressure. 

Day 14: Snow and Science Experiments 

We are almost to the halfway point in our journey.  Follow us for the rest of October as I explore 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling.  


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