31 Days

Day 15: A Quiet Ravine

Whew!  It`s been a long week and I`m a day behind!  But that`s ok, I`ll get caught up this weekend.

On Day 14, we had swim classes.  On the way there I took a wrong turn but I`m glad I did as I caught a glimpse of a path through some trees and a sign for Braeside Ravine. 

We`ve been having a beautiful October and Day 15 had plenty of sunshine so we headed out late afternoon on our search for the new trail. When we arrived at the entrance, we were pleasantly surprised to see another ravine across the street. Maybe we`ll check that out later this month. 

Our round trip walk lasted 45 minutes, on a paved path but with a few steep hills, and there was more trail to go but the kids were getting tired.  The girls definitely had a fun time shuffling through all the dried leaves though.

Day 15

So that was Day 15 of my 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore! Follow along and see what we`re up to!


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