31 Days

Day 16: A Playground to Ourselves

I spent the afternoon with just Kaiana as her older sister had an activity to go to. We rarely have a chance to do this and it’s interesting to see a calmer personality form her when her sister is not around. 

We did some errands then looked for a playground in an area of the city we don’t visit too often. It was mid afternoon and school was still in so when we passed by a brightly colored schoolyard playground, we pulled over. We had about 25 minutes before we headed to pick up Chloe and school wouldn’t be let out while we were there.

She had fun on the “fast” slides and did some swinging on the “pizza” (round saucer) swings. But she was excited to pick up her sister and hear all about her time away.  

Day 16

We’re past the halfway point of 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore! See what we’re up to the last half of the month.


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