31 Days

Day 18: Adventures With Dad

Ahh Sunday!  The day that no one has to get up early and we all have a relaxing morning together.  But then afternoon comes and I need to get some housework done before the week starts. This is usually my husband’s cue to take the girls out for a bit so I can get a lot done without them under foot. I can crank my music and clean the house and the girls get some great Dad time in. 

Day 18 seen them check out Kinsman Park and explore a new to them playground. Then they took a trip to my husband’s work, where the girls sat in his big truck and ate their peanut butter sandwiches while he gave his truck a wash. 

Day 18

Day 18 - 2

See what we have been up to all month long and follow along with my series 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore!


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