31 Days

Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

We’ve been busy going here and there the last few days and this morning I had an urge to get outside and breath some crisp air.  We invited friends along that we haven’t seen in a few weeks and went to a ravine close by.  With four girls between 2 and 7, their curiosity and sense of adventure was limitless. They pushed through bushes and trees, climbed fallen logs, rolled around in the snow and came home with rosy cheeks and needing lunch!

Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

The afternoon brought a good session of quiet time after the fresh air and after that I was ready to tackle major organizing I’ve been wanting to do all week.  I was relocating a doll house and barbies from Kai’s room to the playroom and moving a bookshelf upstairs to her room, decluttering and purging from both areas.  

I came across a book I forgot I had, from an encyclopedia set my parents had when I was growing up.  I remember learning so much from those encyclopedias. I wasn’t homeschooled but I lived in a rural location, so the majority of my free time was spent exploring the woods behind our house, drawing or reading. Before the age of the internet, reading deep into these encyclopedias was the only way I could get a glimpse of the huge world around us.  I’m glad I came across this one today as I’ve been meaning to pick up a poetry book and restart weekly poetry tea times.  

Day 19: A Walk in the Woods

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