31 Days

Day 20: A Visit to the Old Neighbourhood

Twenty days in and life tries it’s best to get in the way!  Extra commitments, sleep deprived nights, big emotions, increased workloads, but after a few bumpy days I’m determined to get it turned back around tomorrow. I may fall behind in the posting but we still get outside everyday!

On Day 20, I decided to take a trip back to out previous neighbourhood.  I had been through the area last week and I noticed the playground that was down the street from our last house was completely updated. Kaiana was an infant and Chloe was almost 3.5 when we moved from there but Chloe still remembered the location because the spray deck was the same. 

They played hide n seek with a younger boy they met and before we left, Chloe was chatting with an older girl and showing her what she could do on the spiny bar.  I love how they are confident to play with kids of all ages. 

Day 20

Just over a week left of the 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore!  Be sure to follow along.


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