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Day 20: Gym Time and Home For a Rest

We had an early start to the day (well early for the sleep-in, slow-to-start-the-day homeschoolers that we are) and met up with new friends for a drop in gym program.  The kids had lots of fun bouncing on the trampolines, playing with balls and swinging on the ropes! 

Day 20: Gym Time and Home For a Rest

Yesterday Chloe mentioned her throat was feeling a little sore.  She seemed fine when she got up this morning, but by afternoon her voice was very hoarse.  We hit up our local produce store and stocked up on vitamin C rich fruits and had a long discussion on produce and nutrients.

Day 20: Gym Time and Home For a Rest

Back at home, I made my go to tea for colds and flus (post coming soon), to help stop whatever Chloe has in it’s tracks and hopefully prevents it from spreading to the rest of us. I set Chloe up for an afternoon of rest and relaxation and boosted her vitamin C intake with healthy snacks.  Thankfully homeschooling allows us to take as much time as we need when we’re not feeling our best. Hopefully she’s feeling better tomorrow because we have some fun stuff coming up! 

Join us all October as I take part in the Write 31 Days challenge with 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling.  


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