31 Days

Day 23: A Moment to Myself

Day 23 was a rough one.  Lots of big emotions, highs and lows, and an overall exhausting day. I had a few errands to run before my husband and Chloe left on their road trip / sleepover and since I didn’t get them done during the day, I went out after supper.

I was dropping off (long overdue) library books and I took a deep breath of brisk evening air.  It was very calming so I decided to walk down to the lake behind the library and take a few minutes to clear my mind.  

It was a cool but clear night and the moon was visible over the lake. I took in the beautiful, peaceful scenery and walked briefly along the boardwalk. I checked the time and headed back to the car as I still had several stops to make. Even ten minutes of serenity is enough to recharge and reset.

Day 24

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