31 Days

Day 24: Adventures with Kaiana

After a chaotic morning of getting Chloe packed up for her trip and dealing with Kaiana’s emotions of having her big sister leave for the night without her (a first), the calm that followed after they were on the road was welcomed. Kai hung out on her big sister’s bunk bed with her tablet as I cleaned up the house.  

I had asked Kia the night before what she wanted to do on Day 24, her response, “Hmm let me check my imaginary check list (pretends like she has a pen and notepad). First Daniel (Tiger), then swimming, then supper!” Well, we got them all done, but not quite in that order.  

We took the bus to the recreation centre for swimming as Kai had never been on a city bus. She loved the journey and running around in the field before going in for swimming. She splashed and had a great time doing back floats in her life jacket and sliding down the kiddie slide.  

Day 24

Join us for our last week of 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore! 


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