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Day 24: Science and Sickness

Day 24 was shaping up to be a long one, but it didn’t go quite according to plan.  

The slight cold that Chloe acquired at the end of last week was pretty well non-existent by Monday morning so we were good to go with a full day at Telus World of Science Edmonton and then onto trampoline class in the evening.  

Chloe had two homeschool programs on the schedule at the science centre – Splish Splash and Make a Sound.  She loved both of them and came bounding out of the classrooms excited to tell us all the cool science stuff they did! Kai and I explored the centre while Chloe was in class but she wasn’t her bubbly self.  She was moving a bit slower and there were a few extra cuddles. She had said she wasn’t feeling well but she still wanted to check everything out, so I just though she was coming down with the cold Chloe had.  When Chloe was done with her classes, we checked out the Angry Birds exhibit and the girls had a blast! A laser maze, slingshots and the ultimate favorite, the zipline kept them busy for quite a while!

 Day 24: Science and Sickness

Day 24: Science and Sickness

By the time we were done at the science centre, we still had a few hours to go before trampoline class, but with it nearing rush hour, it didn’t make sense to go home and then have to make it across the city again in traffic.  So I though a drive through the downtown and an early supper at a restaurant would be a great way to kill the time.  Also by this time, Kai started to get a slight fever, but she was still in good spirits and wanted to continue on with the outing.  

Unfortunately, her stomach thought otherwise.  Soon as the food was sat in front of her, we had a problem! I won’t go into detail, but good thing it was before the supper rush and that I had extra clothes for her in the car.  Let’s just say we didn’t make it to trampoline class. 

She rested at home in my bed watching cartoons.  She had a mild fever but was otherwise content.  After a good night’s sleep she was back to her energetic self by morning.  But it’s days like these – fun learning by day, caring for my kids when they need me most – that I’m so very grateful for my relaxed lifestyle of unschooling and working from home. 

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