31 Days

Day 26: A Walk in the Rain

It was a rainy night the day before and Day 26 began a bit on the frosty side. The rain picked up again in the afternoon.  It’s been a while since we had any rain and the next time might be snow, so we went put on our raincoats and went out for a walk.

There were puddles to splash in, and during our short walk, we seen two hares (Edmonton has a large hare population that are even present in the residential areas). The first one ran away but we tip toed past the second one so we didn’t scare it off.  The girls also spotted a small tree that “looks so cute!” as it was the size of them. 

Day 26 - 2

Day 26Less than a week left of my 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore! Be sure to check out any days you missed!


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