31 Days

Day 28: Return to the Ravine

On Day 15 we went for a walk through Braeside Ravine. When we were entering it, we noticed a sign on the other side of the road too.  On Day 28, we headed back to St. Albert to check out Forest Lawn Ravine on the other side.

It was a shorter walk that the other one, round trip about 30 minutes.  It’s a paved path with some hills, but it’s a frequently used trail that offers a bit of nature in the midst of residential. While on our walk we seen some magpies and squirrels.  There were three squirrels that we watched for several minutes as they chased each other and jumped from tree to tree. 

Day 28

Day 28 - 2

Follow us for our final days and catch up on the 31 Days to Get Outside to Explore! 


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