31 Days

Day 29: Last Ride of the Year

We have been truly lucky with the beautiful weather this October.  In Alberta you never know if winter will move in early or if it will be warm sunny days.  Three years ago it was a wind chill of -15°C and blowing snow on Halloween night. Luckily Chloe was a princess and had a pink faux fur coat as part of her costume, but even then her and her dad only lasted 20 minutes outside. 

To take advantage of the last of the warmer days, we took the bike and scooter for one last ride before bringing them inside. Chloe learned how to ride without training wheels earlier this year so she jumped at the chance to get one more lesson in. Kaiana discovered another hare sitting under a tree and the girls expelled some energy by rolling down a hill.

Day 29

Only a two more days left with 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore! series!  


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