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Day 3: Festivals

Edmonton is known as the Festival City.  It is packed with festivals year round and showcases loads of amazing talent, food, culture and amazing people.  Almost every week / weekend throughout the summer there is another fun festival to attend.  There are also some incredibly entertaining ones during the winter that we have enjoyed the last few years.  More often then not, they are free to attend, encouraging people to come out into their community, meet your neighbors, and learn valuable information about the cultures that live around us.

Day 3 - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschool Activities
118 Ave during Deep Freeze Festival

The festivals in Edmonton are hands on learning at it’s best.  There are art festivals that showcase so many different mediums – children’s entertainment, busking, music, painting and drawing, theatre, and even sand and ice sculptures. Food festivals serve up delicious local and international foods and allow you a chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  One of our favorite festivals (and recently voted Edmonton’s favorite) is Servus Heritage Festival, held on the first weekend in August.  This year it had 75 tents representing almost 100 countries and is known to be one of the largest festivals of it’s kind in the world!  So many delicious menu items to try and the performances are simply outstanding! We were only there for a few hours this year, but we had a chance to try  food, drinks and desserts from Hong Kong, Eritrea, France, Cuba, Thailand, Nicaragua, Spain and Uganda. Next year I’m upping my food ticket budget to try even more tasty menu items.

Day 3 - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschool Activities
Mosaic unicorn at Whyte Avenue Art Walk
Day 3 - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschool Activities
Heritage Festival
Day 3 - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschool Activities
Eating crapes in the France pavilion

To get a glimpse of the experience at the Heritage Festival, check out this video from one of the food judges.


With Edmonton being such a multicultural city, there are many great cultural festivals. At the Deep Freeze festival in January, we learned about Indigenous Peoples in Canada way of life through food, dance and drumming, visited a Viking Encampment and stepped inside a Mongolian Yurt. We watched a Lion Dance and other cultural dance performances during Chinese New Year celebrations. At the Flying Canoe Volant festival in February, we celebrated the music and culture of French Canadians, First Nations and Metis. We celebrated Canadian history and heritage with the Canada 150 festivities. At the Heritage Festival in August we took in dances, songs and martial art demonstrations from Syria, India, Nicaragua, Sudan, China and many more.

Day 3 - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschool Activities
Deep Freeze Festival, Edmonton
Day 3 - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschool Activities
Deep Freeze Festival

Are festivals part of your homeschool and family life? We have made wonderful memories so far, can’t wait for more! What are some of your favorite festivals where you live?


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