31 Days

Day 30: Gathering Ingredients

I love Halloween!  Such a fun time of the year and a chance to step outside your comfort zone.  I also love the many activities and crafts you can do with children. A few nights ago Kaiana wanted a spatula, and tossed some blocks into a pot I was putting away, pretending to be a witch.  That gave a great idea!  

On Day 30 we headed out for a walk in a park to gather ingredients for our witch’s cauldron. A few bottles from the dollar store and a some wooden spoons and they would be whipping up their own potions in to time! 

Day 30 - 2

We gathered some pine needles, seeds, dried leaves and other ingredients and we will add them to some food dyed water and stir it up.  The kids are excited and plan on wearing their witch hat while they do it! 

Day 30

One more post to go!  Be sure to check in on the 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore! and read any days that you may have missed!


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