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Day 31: Trick or Treat

Growing up, I would go out for hours with my cousins on Halloween, coming home with a garbage bag or two of candy that I would keep stashed in my room for months! My girls are still learning the ropes of trick or treating and love getting out in the neighbourhood, but after 45 minutes – an hour, the “it’s too cold” or “the bag is too heavy” comments start coming out.

They picked out their costumes a few weeks ago and have been eagerly awaiting the chance to wear them out.  They wore them around the house when they first got them, but tonight we completed the looks with tights, make up and hair color.

Day 31: Trick or Treat

Day 31: Trick or Treat

An article had popped up in my social media earlier in the day about the history of Halloween, so after we got home and sorted out the treats, I read it to them. They have asked before if witches are real so we also had a discussion on Wicca and people that practice it. The Day of the Dead has also been discussed frequently as well, as Kai is a big fan of the movie The Book of Life. It’s always interesting to learn the meaning behind the holidays that are celebrated here and around the world.

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