31 Days

Day 32: Wrap Up

The 31 Days are complete!  I was skeptical that I would complete the whole month, both for the getting outside part and the blogging about it part. After the first week flew by, I was determined to keep going.  Getting outside has become a regular part of our day and it always lightens our mood.  

I hope I have also given you ideas on getting out of the house, even when the weather is a bit cooler or you don’t have much time. It’s been fun exploring new trails, playgrounds and parks all month long.  Three of my favorite days were Day 8, Day 15 and Day 31!

Day 15

View all the days of the 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore! series.  Also, be sure to visit Write 31 Days to see great topics from other bloggers.  I’ll be back next year with a new 31 Days series! 


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