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Day 4: Music

Even though I have zero musical ability, music is a huge part of our life and homeschool. We listen to the radio daily in the car, with the kids belting out their favorite modern hits. As I write this, my 5 yr old is strumming a guitar in the basement. We also have a keyboard, ukulele, harmonica and wood block / mallet that get used frequently while they are putting on their playroom performances.

YouTube is a great source of music for us, being able to look up almost any song we can think of.  In a homeschool support group today, a person was asking about Canadian folk songs that mention geography or social issues. While searching for some examples for her, I went on a stroll down memory lane looking up East Coast favorites that I grew up to. My oldest and I have spent a few evenings going down the rabbit hole of YouTube listening to classics and oldies.  I have introduced her to Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Queen and so much more.

As mentioned in Day 3, we love attending local festivals for the music and entertainment.  It was the frequent exposure to Metis fiddling earlier in the year that inspired her to start fiddle lessons this fall.  She is only 5 classes in but is enjoying it so much!  In the past she has tried glee club style choirs and piano lessons.  Her younger sister loves music so I’m sure there will be more lessons in the future! 

Day 4: Music - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

Day 4: Music - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

We recently attended Arts Education Day, a free set of workshops put on at the Jubilee Auditorium as part of Alberta Culture Days. We attended four arts related workshops that morning, with the first one being a song writing session.  Our group was tasked with coming up with ideas and lines, while the musicians created the harmony and blended it all together.  It was such a fun event and showed us how to get our ideas out and make a song in 25 minutes! 

Day 4 - 1Day 4: Music - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

Do you or your children play any instruments or sing? What are some of your favorite ways to introduce music to them? 


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