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Day 5: Arts and Crafts

Kids love doing arts and crafts.  They don’t always turn out Pinterest worthy (although Pinterest is my go to for ideas), but there’s usually a lot of fun had throughout the process. I have built up bins of supplies at home, one full of paints and brushes and another full of pompoms, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, yarn, popsicle sticks, etc. If there’s a holiday coming up or a friends birthday, we’re able to create something festive or a fun card without shopping for additional supplies. 

Day 5: Arts and Crafts - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

It’s also fun to get together with a few friends to work on projects. Michaels craft stores has a craft room you can rent for free for non-profit meetings and activities, so a couple moms and I had our first meet up this week.  We worked on fall crafts that included pumpkins and leaves and my kids came out saying they had so much fun. Even the littlest ones enjoyed themselves with finger painting! 

Day 5: Arts and Crafts -31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

We are lucky to have a few great art studios around us that offer classes in various mediums.  My oldest has already attending a class on glass fusion and she is registered for two painting classes through our homeschool board, one on watercolors and another on Van Gogh.  The Art Gallery of Alberta offers classes, workshops, camps and drop in programs for kids of all ages.  Admission is always free for children under 17 and Alberta post secondary studens, as well as adults on Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 5-8pm. 

This year we have also started discussing famous artists at home.  I recently found a few books on Kandinsky at the library and after we read them, the girls put their abstract skills to use. Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Monet are names that the girls recognize (thank you Little Einsteins and Mr. Peabody and Sherman!) so we’ll probably dig deeper into them throughout the year as well. 

Day 5: Arts and Crafts - 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

Do you enjoy doing arts and crafts at home, or do you prefer instructional classes? 


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