31 Days

Day 5: Play with the Dogs

I’m a little late with my Day 5 post but Monday is usually my busiest day.  I work from home throughout the week but on Monday my husband is off work and spends the day at home with the kids, and I head into the office for a few hours to catch up on paperwork.

As I was driving down the highway to work and enjoying the sun on my face, something caught my eye along the side of the road.  A moose walking along the treeline!  Living in Canada it is fairly common to see moose on the road, especially in rural areas, and you hear many stories of near accidents and sightings.  But I have gone 35 years without seeing a roadside moose!  For me, my first roadside moose sighting was pretty exciting and I feel a little bit more Canadian because of it!

Once I returned home in the late afternoon, there is the supper rush to contend with.  My youngest one is bouncing around the house and I know she needs to get out and run.  So we call the dogs and head out to the field beside our house.  We have two chihuahuas so they don’t crave a lot of exercise but they do enjoy a good tear through the grass.

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We weren’t out for more than 15 minutes but everyone (pups included) was able to run and get some of their sillies out. Try not to get too hung up on the amount of time you spend outside, and just enjoy the smell of the grass and trees, the sun shining down and let your stresses melt away for just a little while. 

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