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Day 6: Imaginary Playtime

Imaginary play time is a big part of our homeschool. The girls are still young, 5 and 8, and learning through play is extremely important still at this age.  It teaches them to work together, compromise, share ideas, plus the creativity that they have and their elaborate story lines are amazing to listen to. 

Day 6: Imaginary Playtime
Playing with a new friend at John Janzen Nature Centre

We have a huge handmade wooden toy box full of costumes and accessories, sort of like Mr. Dressup’s tickle trunk that I grew up pining for. We have acquired costumes and dresses from Christmas and birthday presents, buy and sell sites and leftover Halloween costumes.  They learn how to improvise with what they have and use their own clothes and accessories to be part of the costume.  

Day 6: Imaginary Playtime
After reading Charlotte’s Web and seeing a play, they dressed up as Wilbur and Templeton the Rat.

It is definitely a highlight of my 5 year old’s day when big sis wants to join her and play together.  They love recreating shows, movies, and plays that they have seen and coming up with their own unique stories.  

Day 6: Imaginary Playtime
Dress up at home and visiting friends. 
Day 6: Imaginary Playtime
Sometime they make due without any costumes. They love this rock garden area at Beaumaris Lake and retell stories from the Lion Guard. The largest rock is Pride Rock!

What are some you your children’s favorite stories to recreate? 


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