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Day 6: Meltdowns and Minecraft

Today was a rough day.  The girls played together in the morning but it just seemed to be one argument or meltdown after another.  They wanted to play pretend with each other but they both wanted to make the rules.  They bickered and couldn’t agree, so one would scream and the other would stomp off.  A few minutes of quiet, then they would gravitate back towards each other and then start the cycle again.  

We were out running an errand this afternoon and passed a place that brings back memories for Chloe. A few years ago she left her beloved sheepy blanket in the local JYSK overnight.  She was playing in a tent right before close and we didn’t realize it was missing till we got home.  Luckily it was right where she left it when we went back in the morning.

When we got home from the errand, they went and had quiet time with their tablets. Chloe has been playing Minecraft for almost 2 years now.  She has learned lots from watching You Tube tutorials and enjoys the challenges that she sees.  She also has built many original buildings and duplicated ideas that she sees in real life.  This afternoon she used the JYSK memory as her latest creation.  

Day 6: Meltdowns and Minecraft

She patterned the blocks to spell JYSK by herself and I gave her the tip of filling it in with a contrasting color.  She then went off on her own again and created isles and check outs. She even used ice blocks as the conveyor belts so the items would slide down! Outside she made a track to pick your orders up on.  Even on the hardest of hard days, there’s learning to be had.  

Join us all month long as I celebrate 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling


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