31 Days

Day 7: Road Trips and Cookies

The girl’s dad is working out of town right now and had Day 7 off, so we drove up last night to see him.  They spent the morning with him going to the recreation centre, having fun in the indoor playground and aquatic complex. We drove home this afternoon and there were many educational conversations along the way. Directions (N, E, S and W), animals, logging and wood products and trucks and transportation were some of the topics we covered.  

After getting home and unloading the car, Chloe got reacquainted with Minecraft and Kai watched her tablet in her room for a bit, before she came down and colored, played with foam math blocks and then moved onto playdough, perfecting her spheres that she learned about the other day. 

Day 7: Road Trips and Cookies

Before bed we worked on a special project.  Today was their grampa’s birthday, so we made a batch of his favorite cookies.  They love being involved in baking and dumping in the ingredients. Kaiana asked what each ingredient was that I had out on the counter and they took turns adding each item to the bowl.  They are still working on not getting any pieces of egg shell in the bowl, but as they get older and hone their baking skills, we can focus more on the measurements and fractions. They will see their grandparents in the morning and can’t wait to give him his present! 

Day 7: Road Trips and Cookies

Our first week is complete but come back all October long as I continue the 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling


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