31 Days

Day 9: Recovery and Reading

The girls spent most of the day playing outside in the snow at their grandparents house and didn’t get home till supper time.  Once back at home, they went their separate ways to their rooms and took some time to decompress and recover from their fun weekend.  

After bath time, we read through some of the library books that will be going back this week.  Chloe has been fascinated by peacocks for the last few years. When she found out you can take out reference books on anything you want to learn about, peacocks and cats were her first choice. Pete the Cat has been a long time favorite in our house as well and was the night time choice for story book. 

Day 9: Recovery and Reading

It was a short day with the kiddos but we have some busy, learning filled days coming up so join us all month long for 31 Days of Learning Through Unschooling.


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