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Write 31 Days Challenge 2017: 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities

It’s that time of year again, time for the month long writing challenge I’ve been a part of the past two years.  September started off quickly and the fall hasn’t slowed down a bit.  With both girls registered in classes and activities this year and myself entering my second year as a homeschooling, working from home, single parent, we haven’t had a lot of down time in the past month.  

I was reminded of the challenge mid September, and although I was initially excited, my thoughts quickly turned to, “would I be able to fit it all in?” 

I’ve had a few blog post ideas floating around in my head all month, but I haven’t been able to find the time to write them down or edit pictures. I was unsure if I would find the time to complete the challenge and end up stressing out more over it. 

But I realized that one of the biggest challenges with being a mama wearing so many hats is finding the time to focus on yourself and things that interest you. I was fortunate enough to have some me time last weekend and enjoyed a long acupuncture session and a Moon Energy workshop, and this writing challenge is also something I enjoy.  

So I’m going to give it a go! In the past I have done 31 Days to Get Outside and Explore and 31 Days of learning Through Unschooling (snapshots of learning through our daily life). This year’s topic is 31 Days of our Favorite Homeschooling Activities – all the fun, cool, unique things that keep up busy and running from here to there! 

This will be my landing page.  Everyday, the new daily post will be added to the list (a link will be added once the post is live).  You can also find them through the 31 Days tab on the menu. Feel free to comment on the blog or Facebook posts and let me know your favorite homeschooling or family activities.   

Day 1: Nature Walks

Day 2: Puzzles

Day 3: Festivals

Day 4: Music

Day 5: Arts and Crafts

Day 6: Imaginary Playtime

Day 7: Playgrounds

Day 8: Poetry Tea Time

Day 9: LEGO

Day 10: Learning Apps and Websites

Day 11: Homeschool Science Classes

Day 12: Science Experiments at Home

Be sure to check out the Write 31 Days website to see all the topics covered and links to fabulous bloggers. Below are a few topics and bloggers that I will be following this month. 

fullsizeoutput_62c1 A Life of AuthenticitySo Not OrganizedNichelle Renee

Amy Hoogervorst



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